Promix Reversible Dough Sheeter Table Type, 520mm wide belt

by Promix

The ProMix Dough Sheeter offers simplicity to dough and pastry sheeting and is good for backeries with confined spaces. It is manually lever controlled with dual directional conveyer belt.

  • Heavy duty aluminium alloy head housing
  • Equipped with high-strength fibre conveyor belt, oil proof and in comply with hygiene standards
  • Manual adjustment of sheeting thickness between 1-38mm
  • The dough thickness handgrip has a locking scale with an adjustable final thickness stopper
  • Fitted with interlocked guards to both sides of the machine to ensure operator safety
  • Roller speed is app. 540mm per second
  • Removable scrappers provide for easy cleaning
  • After use, the table can easily be folded up to minimize the space when not in use.

Technical Information:

  • Belt size W x D (mm) 515x 1700
  • Table size (mm) 730 each side
  • Voltage 400 V
  • Power 1/2 HP
  • Dimensions (mm) 1780x905x680
  • Weight 124 KH

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