VENIX LIDO L06MV - Electric Bakery Manual Combi Steam Oven 6 600 x 400 - GN 1/1

by Venix
Venix LIDO bakery combi steam ovens Manual version are the perfect sum of performances and simplicity. LIDO bakery ovens are effective as they guarantee maximum cooking uniformity in any load condition.


  • Excellent Quality, Performance and Efficiency
  • 2 Fans with Dual Directions for Uniform Baking at all points
  • Dual Fan Speeds
  • Manual Control (time, temperature, steam)
  • Manual Humidity Activation up to 100%
  • Drain Pipe in Cooking Chamber
  • Side Opening Internal Glass to Simplify the Door Cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Chamber with Rounded Edges for maximum hygiene
  • Embedded Door Gasket
  • Powerful Motor
  • Internal Halogen Light
  • Supplied with 2 Grids

Technical Information

Model:  L06MV
Load Capacity:  6 Trays 600x400 mm / 6 GN 1/1
Outside Dimensions:  (WxDxH) 920x840x865 mm
Space between Trays:  80 mm
Power:  10.8 kW
Voltage:  400 V / 3 Phases
Max. Temperature:  285 C
Weight:  108 KG

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