Krupps Elitech EL60E Hood Type Pass_Through Dishwasher 500 x 500

by Krupps
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$6,273.00 +GST

The dishwashers of the Krupps ELITECH line are the top of the range. With the best of modern technology combined with uncompromising use of high quality components and heavy duty stainless steel in their construction, ensuring maximum performance of cleaning and hygiene while maintaining energy savings as well as lower water and detergent consumption


  • The Krupps ELITECH EL60E pass-through dishwasher is the top of the range thanks to its new construction technologies which guarantees highly efficient and effective results time and time again.
  • The EL60E is the right solution for businesses that are faced with the washing of different types of dishes, proving capable of washing glasses, dishes, medium sized objects up to 500x500x390(h)mm and GN1/1 container, ensuring a maximum productivity of 1080 dishes/hour or 2160 glasses/hour.
  • Water consumption is guaranteed to an amazing 2 litres per cycle, regardless of the wash cycle time
  • Thermo-stop function ensures that the washing and rinsing only starts when the desire temperature is reached
  • Standard double peristaltic electric rinse-aid and detergent dispenser ensures the best result from each wash cycle with great savings thanks to the precise dosage
  • Maximum performance thanks to the standard Acquatech System which, through an atmospheric boiler and rinse pump, maintains constant temperature and pressure and optimum water consumption
  • The innovative UNIKO tempered glass touch screen display makes any operation simple and intuitive, from the choice of the most suitable wash cycle to its progress control, as well as constantly monitoring the status of the dishwasher with ease
  • A choice of 4 wash cycles makes the dishwasher customisable according to your needs
  • The integrated drain pump allows you to handle draining automatically and perform a partial replacement of clean water at each wash
  • The integrated self-diagnosis minimises machine downtime advising you of any problems encountered
  • Self-cleaning cycle at the end of the day cleans the wash tank and empties the boiler from the hot water, preventing limestone forming inside and sanitizing the washing chamber to avoid bacteria proliferation
  • Stainless steel moulded washing and rinsing arms ensure great reliability and durability
  • The bodywork is made entirely of AISI 304 stainless steel and has been designed with all components in the front for easy technical assistance
  • Complete with built-in drain, rinse, detergent and rinse aid pumps and backflow prevention by break-tank
  • Supplied with one glass rack 500x500x100mm, two 18-plate dish racks 500x500x100mm, one 8-division cutlery container and two integral tank filters.
  • Optional: Wi-Fi IKLOUD control system that offers the possibility of remotely changing the dishwasher parameters and being monitored by your favourite service provider.

Technical Information:

  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 620x770x1435/1900 mm
  • Rack dimensions 500x500 mm
  • Productivity per hour max - (+55 C) 1080 dishes/hour or 2160 glasses/hour
  • Height glass max 390 mm
  • DIA height plate max 415 mm
  • Trays GN 1/1
  • Body construction Entirely AISI 304 stainless steel
  • Rinsing and washing arms DIA 30 stainless steel - upper / lower separated
  • Stainless steel filters Yes
  • Tank heating element - Tank capacity 4.5 kW - 37 Ltr
  • Boiler heating element - Boiler capacity 5.4 kW - 7.3 Ltr
  • Washing pump power 1.34 kW
  • Total power input / Current 6.74 kW
  • Input voltage 400 V / 3 Ph - 230 V / 1 Ph
  • Recommended inlet water temperature +55 C
  • Water hardness 7 -10 F
  • Water consumption per cycle (inlet suggested pressure 2 BAR) 2 Ltr GUARANTEED
  • Adjustable detergent and rinse-aid dispenser Electric
  • Acquatech system rinse 250 W
  • Drain pump 190 W
  • Rinse pump Yes
  • Rinse cycle on demand Yes
  • Energy-Saving device Yes
  • Backflow prevention Break-tank
  • Control panel UNIKO touch glass display
  • Washing cycles 4 - 90/ 110/ 120/ 300 sec or customized timing
  • Self-diagnostic system Yes
  • Self-cleaning cycle Yes
  • Supplied with 2 integral tank filters, 1 8-division cutlery container, 1 glass rack, 1 dish rack

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