Fimar Pasta Roll Machine SM 220

by Fimar
This manual pasta roller is perfect for the production of fresh pasta in restaurants and catering business


  • Milled and tempered steel gears, turning on straightened pins
  • Special self - lubricating bearings
  • Reduction gears to minimize work
  • Patented regulator knob with numbered indicator in order to obtain 10 different pasta thicknesses
  • Patented "Tigre" clamp for perfect grip to any table
  • The Pasta Machine is equipped with tray, handle and clamp

Optional cutting attachments available

  • Capelli D'Angelo 1.5mm
  • Tagliatelle 2mm
  • Trenette 4mm
  • Fettuccine 6.5mm
  • Lasagnette 12mm

Technical Information:

  • Length of cylinder 220 mm
  • Max cylinder aperture 6 mm
  • Dimensions (WxDxH) 490x340x260
  • Weight 9.5 KG

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