Combi Steam Ovens

Combi Steam Ovens in NZ

Designed for a range of cooking applications and variations, our range of versatile steam ovens allow for the perfect user experience. Designed with a contemporary flair in mind, we provide commercial kitchen equipment to restaurants, cafes and catering companies in NZ – all at affordable prices to complement your budget.No commercial kitchen is complete without our commercial combi products.

Why choose combi?

Combi ovens use both dry heat and steam to cook impressive dishes, both small and large. HSC has an extensive selection of stoves that vary according to price and size. Our selection is specifically manufactured for commercial use by internationally recognised brands, so you are sure to receive a product you will be thrilled with. The majority of our stoves are made by Unox, a trusted Australian supplier, contributing to our best-in-class range. As a result we provide incredibly resilient, robust and multi-functioning appliances that gives your professional kitchen an edge.

Purchase our products

If you would like to find a quick, easy and affordable cooking solution– whether you are looking for mixers or commercial dishwashers – check out our kitchen supplies in one of ourNZ showrooms today. Please feel free to give us a call on 09 945 4950 with any questions about our products or services. You can also email us on or fill out our simple online enquiry form..