Combi Ovens

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Always perfect cooking results

The ChefTop™ Combi oven line provides perfect cooking in every situation. Maximum performance and reliability are guaranteed in any conditions and load.

Versatility and precision for Restaurants & Hotels

ChefTop™ is the ideal oven for chefs and cooks with diverse needs in today's contemporary restaurants. Fineness of functionality provides the chef the ultimate control of the cooking process.

Maximum effectiveness with minimum footprint for Supermarkets

ChefTop™ ovens are ideal for continuous production at full load because the always deliver a certain result. They allow the user to store cooking methods to make them repeatable and counterbalance any human error in order to deliver the desired result every day. Conceived and designed to improve workplace safety, compliance with HACCP standards and environmental and cost containment solutions.

Versatility and ease of use for chicken and roast outlets

Using the exclusive Unox technologies, delivers consistent perfect cooking regardless of the load without adjusting the set programme. It is versatile because it can cook all products including roasts, croissants and vegetables and provides a dedicated system for booking chicken.


  • STEAM.Maxi™ revolutionary systm for the best steaming. Produces and controls steam immediately at a temperature starting from 48 degrees
  • DRY.Maxi™ system allows the rapid extraction of humidity from the cooking chamber
  • AIR.Maxi™ system obtains perfect distribution of the air and heat inside the cooking chamber. The possibility to select 6 air flow speeds in the chamber with or without fan reverse function and one semi static mode, allows you to cook any kind of product
  • Multi.Time to manage up to 9 different timers to bake products simultaneously that require different cooking times
  • 99 cooking programmes memory, each one made up of 9 cooking steps, ability to assign a name to a stored programme
  • ADAPTIVA.Clima technology constantly monitors the real values of the chamber temperature, humidity and core temperature of the food and automatically reacts if the measured values differ to those set by the user
  • Cooking with core probe / external core probe optional / Delta-T cooking with core probe
  • Continuous function 'INF' / COOL function for rapid cavity cooling
  • Digital control panel that also controls complementary equipment
  • Rotor.KLEAN™ integrated washing system with multiple washing cycle options / reversible door