Tahi Coffee

Bringing award-winning coffee to cafes and homes New Zealand-wide.

Tahi Coffee is big enough to ensure reliability of supply and consistency. Our coffee is roasted with time tested experience, our Roast Master, crafting blends for over 20 years.

New Zealand is not short of coffee brands or roasters but we believe that we are above the rest. We like to work with cafés and restaurants who appreciate a great tasting coffee.

Our selection of coffee blends

Tahi Coffee

Tahi Decaf Ground

Tahi Decaf Beans


Roasted Addiqtion


These beans are roasted dark, leaving a very pungent flavour for Espresso lovers.
Papua New Guinea and Indian beans are blended together to create a distinctive caramel taste.
A typical Italian roast, oily, smooth and ready to pick up your mother!


Mean Bean

A Papua New Guinea, Indonesian, Kenyan, Guatemalan, Indian triple continent concoction -
these smuggled beans are blended after roasting.


Koha Organic Fair Trade

Feed your daily addiction with our Fair Trade Koha.
The silkiest, most subtle of blends, Koha has a balanced mix of beans delivering a euphoric hit.


Roasted Addiqtion Decaf Beans


Roasted Addiqtion Decaf Ground



Just  as we strive for the perfect cup so should our customers. We like to be a real part of our customers' business, so all of our cafés get full access to our training room. Training is always customised to your needs and also includes:

Barrista Training
Milk Skills
Machine Maintenance
Grinder Knowledge
Customer Service
Work Flow