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Kitchen supplies for a professional touch

Committed to providing a range of versatile hospitality equipment, backed by impressive functions and user-friendly features, HSC aim to be a best-in-class provider of professional kitchen supplies. We aim to create flawless experiences for our clients, allowing your business to make use of commercial kitchen equipment that presents your customers with an unsurpassed level of service.

At HSC, we are passionate about the exploring the world of cooking and the art of coffee. We primarily service the hospitality industry, providing professional training and catering supplies in NZ. Our retail kitchenware showrooms are situated in Whangarei (but sell online to all of New Zealand) and are open for inspection five days a week, allowing you to engage with a quality assortment of commercial kitchen equipment first-hand.

Premium catering supplies

HSC provides clients with an extensive and affordable range of hospitality equipment in NZ. We take great pride in stocking a variety of cookware and kitchenware, with our collection boasting leading brands and essentials – choose from commercial ovens, steam ovens and refrigerators, to display cabinets and dough processors. We also stock a vast array of essential chef’s tools, such as knives, pots, fry pans and baking tins. Conveniently, our showrooms also display a striking collection of top quality crockery, cutlery and glassware to suit any occasion and setting.  

We have, and continue to update, a wide range of styles of commercial grade crockery, cutlery and glassware, something to suit every occasion. HSC can also help you with anything tea and coffee related – from espresso coffee machines, both commercial and domestic to freshly roasted coffee, hot chocolate, chai, tea and so much more.

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If you’re thinking of opening your very own restaurant or bistro, then contact us today on 09 945 4950. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form to shoot us a message.

HSC's Espresso Blend

Our Tahi Coffee blend has been designed to achieve brilliance as Espresso, especially with milk. It also holds it's own straight up black, as shown by it's strut being highly appreciated.

Roasted Addiqtion

We have the perfect ROASTED ADDIQTION blend for you, from the dark roasted MAFIA blend with it's distinctive caramel taste to the more mellow MEAN BEAN as well as the organic free trade KOHA, the silkiest and most subtle of blends.



Just as we strive for the perfect cup of coffee, so should our customers. All our cafes get full access to our training room where customised training is available covering machine maintenance, grinder knowledge, work flow, milk skills as well as barista training.

Introducing the Orchestrale...

This collection of espresso coffee machines was conceived as a poem (collection spirit) inspired by the historical and indivisible bond between the great cultures of coffee and music in the Italian tradition and all around the world. Orchestrale wants to pay homage to the music because music is a place of connection among people as coffee is becoming all over the World and it wants to be a special dedication to the user of our coffee machines, who is seen as a great conductor of orchestra who knows how to get the best from the symphonies, or rather the blends he has chosen.

Orchestrale is not only a made in Italian design, but a collection of made in Italy professional espresso and cappuccino machines as well, where technology, componentry (from the E61 groups till to the frame of stainless steel AISI 304) and labor and passion above all are completely made in Italy.

HSC are currently stocking the very retro looking Radiofonica 2 Group and the modern, stylish Etnica 3 Group Espresso Machines.